The Original Universal Financial Goal App for the iPhone

shows you where you stand daily on all of

your personal, professional & financial goals

in the monthly sales cycle.

It’s a must for everyone with a monthly goal to achieve!

It’s pretty simple. Goals move us forward in our desired direction. Setting a goal is a lot like setting a course with a compass. By focusing on the destination in mind and the route we take, we are able to see if we are moving in the most efficient direction, or if we are even moving at all.

Most of us know how to get what we really and truly want in our lives. Buying a car, buying a house, getting married, going on a vacation, new carpeting, winter coats, it doesn’t matter. We’ve actually proven to ourselves over and over that we know how to achieve big goals.

Yet we resist using that same recipe for ourselves financially, even though we could earn so much more if we had focus.

So what are we afraid of?

In a word, success.

Deep down inside many of us, we have decided upon what we believe we are worth and work within that framework. Most of the time, that self-worth is not what even you would deem successful. We reinforce this value continuously, living it out daily without really even realizing it.

So we survive just well enough to skim the surface and keep gulping air. We’re ‘ok’ right now, and we accept this as our normal. It doesn’t hurt too bad so we suffer though each day in a quiet desperation. We simply don’t want it bad enough to make the effort.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can change. Reaching your financial goals, the ones you set for yourself, are really big life-events. They’re the type of big events worth your focus, planning and daily effort. It’s worth it to really pay attention.

We can change our self limiting beliefs. It takes continued positive effort, feedback and reinforcement to genuinely affect them. It takes daily attention. It’s just like planning a big event, because reaching your cash flow objectives is a big event. Money gives us elbow room. It allows us more options than when we have to watch every expenditure. Money can put you in a position to help others in their life-struggle. That’s one of the really good things about money.

How badly do you really want what you say we want? You know, that little extra in life.

It’s easier to worry about reaching our goals through our efforts than to worry about how we’re going to pay the bills. And it’s a whole lot more fun!

Buy our app, The Original Universal Financial Goal App. The little app with the great big name.

It’s original. It’s universal. It’s the best financial goal app available. It’s for the iPhone. It’s just $0.99!

You’ll be on your way to giving yourself some “elbow room”.

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