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How Goals Terrified Me and What I did About It.

Goals. I used to fear them. I always felt I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I wanted to ‘be flexible’ in my approach to my direction in life.

I don’t think it was my free spirit that stopped me from having solid, written down, trackable goals. I believe that deep down I didn’t have the self confidence to formally commit myself to something that I didn’t believe I’d follow through with. In other words, because I didn’t have an intuitive system to keep me true to myself, I knew my commitment would wain as I did my best to try and stay interested.

I couldn’t commit that I would try so I didn’t even try to try.

When at a business seminar, I would completely panic when the topic of goals came up. I was terrified that I’d be called on and have to admit to everybody in the room that I had no idea where my life was headed. I’d shrink in a quiet, personal terror that I’d be found out.

I did however, always enjoy a good project that I could really sink my teeth into. Looking back, those projects were ‘goal setting’ disguised as something I thought was worth my time and efforts.

There was always a deadline. There was always a budget. There were always points in time where certain things must be completed. Embracing all these parts of the project kept me focused, motivated and even picking up my efforts as the project end date got closer.

Never once did we fail to be in place when the big day arrived. Realizing these projects were in fact goals, I never feared goal setting again. If I really wanted something, I figured out an honest way to get it.

That’s because the whole process of setting a goal and keeping a clear sense of your progress and time available works. We apply this process all the time when we want to honestly get something done.

Life is a very tense and stressful place when you feel like you’re cornered. Having a little extra money in your life gives you breathing room. Breathing room is a stress reducer that helps lead to better decisions and therefore a better quality of life.

When it comes to the cash money income I generate in my life, I have to look at the amount I produce and admit that it’s entirely my fault, wether it’s abundant or scarce. I’m playing the lead role in this story of my life, and there’s always three fingers pointing back at me when I point to others to blame for my current state of affairs.

Have you ever tried to track your money goals? Until now, it’s been difficult to know how to track and achieve your money goals and keep with them.

To solve this problem, a friend of mine and I took a simple idea that I learned thirty years ago, made it universal and developed The Original Universal Financial Goal App for the iPhone.

You can set any sales goal. You can set as many sales goals as you like. Customize your working schedule for each goal that you set. Track, graph and receive useful feedback about how you are progressing on each of your cash goals. All for only 99 cents!

Don’t aim too low. Aim high. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve!

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