The Original Universal Financial Goal App for the iPhone

shows you where you stand daily on all of

your personal, professional & financial goals

in the monthly sales cycle.

It’s a must for everyone with a monthly goal to achieve!


The Original Universal Financial Goal App Is Truly Original & Universal

Cleveland, Ohio, United States - September 8, 2015 -  The Original Universal Financial Goal App is the first iOS app that allows anyone to simply set and track any type of cash goal. Each day’s goal is dynamic, based on month to date income progress. A simple interface allows the user to set up an unlimited number of goals.

The nature of the cash goal tracked is also unlimited. An individual, store manager, small business owner, large company, independent sales consultant/contractor - virtually anyone who has cash goals can track them with The Original Universal Financial Goal App.

Goal setup allows the user to create a unique working schedule for each goal. Goals are set either for an assigned figure or desired earnings based on a commission. A business owner sets sales goals based on desired gross profit.  

As the day’s income totals are entered, one of twenty five quotes of encouragement are displayed based on how well the goal is progressing. Goal progress is instantly graphed on a simple 13 month bar graph allowing the comparison of this month’s progress to the same month one year ago.

This app is designed to be simple to use, yet is very broad in it’s scope and real world applications.

The Original Universal Financial Goal App is available for the iPhone at the Apple App store and is compatible with iOS 8.3 or later.

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