The Original Universal Financial Goal App for the iPhone

shows you where you stand daily on all of

your personal, professional & financial goals

in the monthly sales cycle.

It’s a must for everyone with a monthly goal to achieve!


The Original Universal Financial Goal App allows you to track what you’ve earned and where you stand every single day on all of your financial goals in the monthly sales cycle. If you’ve got a monthly goal to achieve, this app will not only keep you on track, you’ll get daily feedback on your progress!

•  Designed to be simple to use.

•  Every day you'll know your sales commissions earned.

•  Track the daily progress on your monthly sales goals.

•  Anyone; every person, manager, or business can track any sales goal imaginable.

•  Customize your working schedule for each individual goal.

•  One daily entry provides instant earnings feedback and graphing.

•  Know your sales goal for today based on your progress to date (dynamic feedback).

•  Know the percentage you've achieved of your monthly sales goal every day.

•  Graphs a 13 month period.

•  Compares this month's totals to a year ago's totals.

•  Highlights your year's best sales month.

•  Begin each working day with that day's month-to-date progress and sales goal.

•  End each working day with your dynamic progress.

•  End each working day with your sales commission earned to date.

•  Provides customized feedback and encouragement based on your daily progress.

   (Coming soon for Android devices)

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• Goals make you accountable to yourself.

• Goals give you feedback & keep you challenged.

• Goals make your work more meaningful.

• Goals give you drive, clarity & focus.

• Daily goals help you adjust your focus & behavior.

• Goal setting is essential to reaching your potential!

The Original Universal Financial

Goal App  for the iPhone

Only $.99 in the

Apple App Store!

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You Can Change Your Life

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My wife and I are regular working people. We are developing this app on a shoe-string budget with our combined knowledge and accumulated skills. While it’s our ambition to earn a living from this effort, it’s a much bigger picture than that.


Everyone knows that when you set your sights on something, you make it happen. That’s what this app is for. Setting your sights. Focusing on goals. This is an app that can help many other regular working people get more from life.


It’s made for keeping yourself in tune with your progress and motivated to do more. Plain and simple.

Help us make this project successful. Any individual who sells for a living will benefit from our little app. Spread the word. Give us a share on social media.

The Original Universal Financial Goal App



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